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If I purchase and install one Network Base-station, do I gain free access to the network and real time corrections?

No. You need to access the data through Geodnet, or you would need to reconfigure the
hardware device as a non-Geodnet base which would not mine tokens and be just a
standard base-station.
Geodnet is providing trial accounts and happy to give you one, just contact
us through the form with your miner Serial Number.
Many countries CORS networks are not modernized with four constellation, triple band
receivers, so Geodnet provides a lot of value even in countries with a CORS network.
We also tend to have more stations in Urban areas which helps a lot of the use cases with
better accuracy and faster convergence.
Large void areas are not good for performance in the area of the large void area.
We are working to close those voids as needed, and we may release increased incentives in
certain hexes as the network grows to further close the voids.